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s8 Eye massage .mp4

4 year ago
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Product details

Is the eye massager useful?

1.Air pressured for smart eye massager,Intelligent pressured is to massage the muscles and nerves around the eyes in a variety of frequencies, so as to relax the eyes and relieve pain and eye fatigue.

2.Constant temperature and hot compress of eye massager can accelerate eye circulation, relieve eye pain and dryness, dilute dark eye circles, and effectively relieve eye fatigue.

The Advantage of EM8S:

1. Charging port: Folding design, charging can only be done when the product is folded.  

2. Radian design, fit the face shape. 

3. 15mins smart timeing control: When the use time reaches 15 minutes, the machine will automatically shut down, so you don’t have to worry even if you fall asleep.

4.One-touch and LCD SCREEN design, even without looking at the instructions, but also easy to operate.                                                                       


Product name EM8S
Mode 4 different working modes
Using  60 mins
Functions Vibration, Hot compress, Air pressured, Bluetooth
Battery capacity 850mAh

Product Pictures:

MZ-EM8S Multifunction Intelligent Timing Wireless Eye massager

eye massage to reduce puffinesseye massage techniques    eye massage for eye strainunder eye massage tooleye massage for wrinkles  


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