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Air filter bags workshop 3

2 year ago
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Product details

General Description

Acrylic dust filter bag (Homopolymer Acrylic Felt) Normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 125degrees.

General applications include: dryers, electric furnace, aluminum reduction and primary or secondary smelting.
The chemical resistance is satisfactory to most mineral and organic acids. Superior to polyamides and polyesters in this regards.
Acrylic filter bag resistance to alkalis is inferior to most fibers except natural protein fibers such as silk and wool.
Acrylic filter bag has fair resistance to most oxidizing agents and is superior to polyamides and protein fibers in this respect.
It has excellent resistance to most common organic solvents. Overall, acrylic has good acid resistance,
high resistance to hydrolysis and good temperature resistance. Acrylic is more costly than polyester and polypropylene.

 Acrylic filter bag can work up to 120℃, Acrylic fiber has a good chemical resistance as well as resistance to hydrolysis.



Material / scrim

Acrylic / Acrylic


500 g/m2

550 g/m2




Air permeability(m³//min)



Break Strength(N/5cm)  Warp

800 N

900 N

Break  Strength(N/5cm)  Weft

1000 N

1200 N

Elongation at break(%)  Warp



Elongation at break(%)  Weft



Working Temperature

125 ℃

Peak Temperature

140 ℃

Finishing Treatment

Heat set, Singed and Glazed



The parameters above come from ideal lab-condition,
 the performance will change a little bit in-linewith actual application.

We can customized dust filter
 bag according to customer's request



Acrylic have good resistance to hydrolysis. It is applicable to detergent,waster incineration, asphalt, spray dryer, coal mill and power plant (desulfurization part) industries.

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