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4 year ago
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Anti-static Access Control ESD Tester Features:

The digital display ESD testeraccess control system is mainly to manage the access rights of the passage, anti-static digital display ESD tester is to set who can enter and who can not enter each passage, and adopt various entry methods. The digital display ESD test host can store all entry records and status records. And connect to the computer through RS232 or RS485 interface, making the operation more intuitive and convenient.

Anti-Static ESD For Flap Barrier Gate

The employee needs to test the electrostatic shoes and wrist strap by swiping the card. The Electrostatic discharge control system displays the resistance value of the hand shoes, and the gate will automatically open in the OK range.

ESD Digital Access Control System

Customers and VIPs want to enter the workshop to watch, we have prepared a VIP test-free card for him, and the gate will open automatically when the card is swiped.

Anti-Static Digital ESD Tester

Anti-static Access Control ESD Tester Parameter:

1. Physical dimensions (mm): 175MM*115MM*28.5MM

2. Working environment:Temperature -20℃~60℃, glue filling treatment, waterproof and dustproof

3. Instrument interface:Can be connected with single and double circuit, double pedals

4. Induction speedQuick response to swiping card, less than 0.1 second, interval between repeated swiping cards is less than 1 second

5. Protection measuresSemiconductor lightning protection

6: Display: 3.5 resistive touch screen

7.Working voltage: DC9V1A Contact Now

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