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Tungsten alloy rod

3 month ago
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Product details

Know more about Tungsten Alloys Rod

Tungsten alloy rod is produced by mixing and pressing tungsten and other metal powders and sintering them into semi-product billets, which is worked by rolling or swaging into rod. It can be produced into any lengths as per requirement of customer with a smooth surface at diameters more than 3mm.


2.Composition: W(%)80~97%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu.

3.Surface:sinter / polish /swaged state.

4.Size:according to customer's requirment.

Typical applications of tungsten alloy rods include their application as counterweights for aircraft control plane and rotor blades, navigation system, and as counterweights for flywheel, turbine engine crankshaft. After mixing with heat-resistant steel, tungsten alloy rods can be used as high-temperature resistant parts in guns, guns, rockets, satellites, aircraft and ships. Other applications include nuclear radiation shields, gyro rotors, weapons manufacturing including armor-piercing bombs, and high-temperature tools.

Performance of tungsten alloys

Small size with high density, high melting ponit,excellent wear resistance,good thermal stability,corrosion resistance,good shock resistance,high radiation absorption capacity, excellent impact resistance and crack resistance, and non-toxic enviromental protection is consistent with international environmental protection standards.

Applications for Tungsten Alloy Rod

Tungsten alloy rods can be machined further, which are usually used to:

Making the parts of counterweights for oil logging,rocket,statellite,aircraft,boats.

Radiation shielding, the aerospace, mechanical manufacture.

Sports fields, such as darts, billets, golf club and so on. Contact Now

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