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4 year ago
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Polycarboxylate Ether Powder PCE for Concrete Additive

Powder polycarboxylic acid series slump retention style water reducing agent is a new generation of high-purity environmentally friendly concrete admixture with the world's advanced level. The polymer copolymer made of a variety of high molecular organic compounds through molecular design grafting, embedding and 
polymerization, and then adopting thermal synthesis process, it is powdered by removing solvent liquid nitrogen protection drying technology. PCE powder polycarboxylic acid series water-reducing agent adopts green environmental protection and high-tech patented synthetic powder production technology. Product performance is stable and excellent. It is convenient for customers to transport and use, which creates greater value for customers. 

PCE powder polycarboxylate acid series slump retention style water reducing agent has many unique performance advantages and is widely used in water conservancy, electric power, nuclear power, ports, railways, bridges and tunnels, highways and various engineering and civil engineering main structures concrete preparation and addition, and, more suitable for concrete prefabrication and cast-in place concrete pouring, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete preparation. It is especially suitable for projects that require a long construction time for preparing concrete and have certain requirements for concrete slump, such as high-speed railway bridges and tunnels, pipe piles, nuclear power plants, hydropower stations, etc.


PCE Powder for Concrete 

Quality specification



Solid content


Water content


Water reducing rate


Recommended Dosage



●high strength
●Stable adaptability
●Low slump loss
●High durability
●High water reducing rate

●Self-leveling mortar
●repair mortar
●Non-shrink Grout
●refractory materials
●Tile adhesives and joint fillers
●Dry mix mortar

25kg bag / fiber drum.

Shelf life
1 year. It is to be stored in its unopened original packaging, dry and cool (not exceeding 40°C) .Don't stack up pallets too high. Contact Now

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