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Bulk travel tin candles in stock

3 year ago
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Product details
Hand-poured soy wax scented tin candles from China. In a variety of dream scents perfect to take with you when you travel - housed in a tin with a lid. With a 17-year legacy, our private label fragrance candle is best known for its luxury scented, clean-burning. Each scented soy candle signature scent is crafted by hand from all-natural, food-grade ingredients like soy wax and essential oils, creating an inviting atmosphere wherever one is lit.
Our large scented tin candle is long-burning, with plant-derived soy wax, and chock-full of thoughtfully chosen ingredients and essential oils. We make sandalwood candle, coconut Tin Candles, oud Aromatherapy Tin Candles, peppermint candle and other scented candles gift set. A delightfully surface can decorate your home. If you could make household chores more pleasant, well, why wouldn’t you? Get our long burning tin candles is the first thing.
Note: Before you place an order, please choose your favor scent and ensure the details with our service. Then we can make right Tin Travel Candles for you.
Sandalwood Coconut Oud Peppermint Scented Candles
Custom Sandalwood Oud Coconut Lavender Scented Soy Wax Tin CandlesHand-poured soy wax scented tin candlesHand-poured soy wax scented tin candlesprivate label fragrance candlescented soy candlescented candles gift set Contact Now

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