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34x37cm Custom Logo Print High Quality 12oz Black

3 month ago
15 0
Product details
With its stylish design and practical features, this simple canvas bag is perfect for your daily travel. It is available in two classic colors, black and white. The cute smiley emoticon at the top center of the canvas bag adds a touch of playfulness and fun, making the whole bag more lively. Meanwhile, the interior of the bag is designed with an inner pocket with a zipper, which can safely store your personal belongings, such as bank cards, keys, etc., making your valuables more secure and reliable. In addition, the canvas bag is also equipped with a zipper design on the pocket opening, which effectively prevents the items inside the bag from accidentally falling out, ensuring your travel safety and convenience. Whether you are shopping, attending classes or traveling, this canvas bag can easily meet your daily needs and become an indispensable fashion accessory.
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