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6 month ago
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As is known to all,Bisphenol S is the substitute of Bisphenol A.Bisphenol S can be used as Raw Material Solid Polycarbonate,Raw Material Of Thermal Sensitive Materials,Raw Material Of Epoxy Resin,So,what items in life contain chemical bisphenol A?

1. plastic containers. Although bisphenol A has been banned in the production of milk bottles, it can still be found in some plastic containers in daily life, such as common plastic drink cans, water cups, plastic boxes, kitchen dishes, etc. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to the triangle symbol at the bottom of the container, and try not to select the "7" category.
2. bucket of inverted water dispenser. It can be said that this kind of water dispenser bucket is very common. In order to avoid strong impact during transportation, PC will be added as its manufacturing material, so the content of bisphenol A in people's bodies mostly comes from this. If you drink it for a long time over time, its adverse effects will appear.

3. cashier receipt:

This kind of small ticket is the one that the cashier gave us after our shopping. The professional name of this kind of paper is thermal paper, which changes color or prints pictures and texts after heating. This kind of paper contains a large amount of bisphenol A. after long-term hand contact, harmful substances will be absorbed from the skin into the body.
4. cans and cans:

This kind of canning material is commonly used in food and beverage packaging. In order to prevent internal erosion, the inner layer will be coated with epoxy resin to better preserve the food in the can. This layer of epoxy resin contains bisphenol A. So try not to give children this kind of canned food.
5. baby toys:

There are many kinds of toys for babies, and we usually buy whatever the children like, or even those that look OK. We often ignore whether the materials are safe. In particular, the bath toy, when the baby is bathing, is playing in the water. With a certain amount of hot water, it is easy to release harmful substances, which enter the body through the baby's mouth or skin, forming a chronic accumulation of harmful substances.

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