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Orthodox church beeswax candles

3 year ago
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Russian Greek Orthodox Easter Candles For Christening

We use 100% pure natural and organic beeswax sourced from local family-owned beekeepers. All orthodox church beeswax candles are handmade in the traditional way by dipping the cotton wick in pure melted beeswax and crafted by repeated dipping until the desired thickness has been achieved. By such dipping, we obtain slender blessed beeswax candles which nevertheless burn for a considerable time. As seen in the Orthodox churches.

We tested a lot and picked the right size wicks so the beeswax church candle will not dripping. We do not use any additional ingredients, the only materials are beeswax and cotton wicks, which makes orthodox candles suitable for people with allergies, the candles doesn't smoke or harm your health.
Natural beeswax color could vary from light yellow to darker orange based on the season. The color variations come from the amount of propolis in the beeswax and usually the darker beeswax contains more propolis (natural aroma).
Lead-free beeswax composition allows these beeswax taper candles to burn stunningly cleaner and more evenly than any paraffin candle. Unlike stuffy air from burning paraffin, palm, or soy wax, beeswax candles do not produce soot or drips.
Natural honey smell for a pleasant experience. Even without any fragrances added, our ritual blessed candles infuse the room with a gentle honey scent that helps to create a special atmosphere or a romantic mood, and can give you a truly divine, spiritual experience.
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