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DZ Ray

3 year ago
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Product details

15% OFF BJD Ray School Edition 43cm Ball-jointed Doll

The DOLLZONE brand released a new girl student doll named Ray. The basic suit includes a head and a body (without any makeup). The full set includes a head with makeup, a body, a wig, a outfit, a pair of shoes and a pair of eyes. This doll is made of resin and has four skin colors, white, pink, peach and gray. If you want to know more details, you can contact us at any time. We will check and pack the product carefully before shipping.

Regarding dolls, we also have various ball joint dolls, nude doll bodies, doll parts, BJD wigs, BJD clothing, BJD shoes, BJD eyes, other accessories and stock items. If you are interested in these, please feel free to contact us.


Ray  (School Edition)

2021.08.16 to 2021.10.16

During the time you will get 15% off for this doll.

Fullset is time limited. The limited period: 2021.08.16 to 2021.10.16


Head + Body (without any make up)




Body Type

B45-017 female body (The doll in pictures is body B45-017 female body)

B45-018 male body

B45-014 male body

B45-012 female body


Face up:$60

Body blushing:$50

Outfit:$49 (coat + shirt + bow tie + skirt + underpants + stockings)

Fullset:$369 (Head with face up + body + wig + shoes + outfit + 14mm random eyes) Event price:$313


Double Joint

Skin Color

white (The doll in pictures is white skin.)


Height (Including head):43cm

Head size: 17.5cm

Neck size: 6.5cm

Shoulder width: 7.6cm

Arm length: 13cm

Chest Size: 17.2cm

Waist Size: 13.6cm

Hip Size: 20cm

Leg Length: 22cm

Thigh Width: 11.5cm

Foot Length: 5.5cm 

Foot Width: 2cm

Delivery Time

about  4~5 months


★This product includes facemask, birthday card,doll cushion and doll case.
★We send the doll assembled.
★If you select the face-up,we will fixed the eye and the eyelash in the head.
★Make up can be a little different because of hand works.
★The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
★The model in the picture is white skin.
★Please reach an understanding that shipment may be delayed for manufacturer reasons.


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If you are interested in the product, contact for more information

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