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Product details

Choose plastic speaker body, be about to see plastic products coarse, for instance the tube wall of inverted phase tube is thick, the surface is smooth. 

Want to uncover dustproof cover next, see the making technology of loudhailer. Include here: loudspeaker in the middle of the convex voice coil cover around the production process and fixed the screw loudspeaker is in place.

Finally, turn the volume button to 3/4 to check the sealing of the box. Touch in sound box everywhere with the hand, if feel box body hind (outside divide inverted phase hole) have wind to blow, explain box body sealing sex is bad, can produce distortion.

2.1 speaker11w  bass spekaer2.1 speaker with knob

Power supply: USB  DC5V 1200mah              
Output power:5W+3W*2    (RMS 11W)                         

 Driver units size :3" +2"*2PCS                                                                        
USB/TF Card Slot,3.5mm aux in,FM  Support remote control
Subwoofer size(W*D*H)116.5*96*128mm                            

Satellite size(W*D*H)60*62*73mm*2  Contact Now

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