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3 year ago
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Product details

peugeot 505/504/604     AX20697+CP,5035.08

peugeot 204/304/404  5035.05

car bearing,Peugeot504-404 car part needle bearing


                             car bearing,Peugeot504-404 car part needle bearing
                 AX20697+CP(5035.08)    75*92*4mm

                AX6085+CP(5035.05)                  60*85*3.6mm



5035.08, Suspension strut support mounting, needle bearing, AX20697

Dimension: 75*92*4mm

Alication: Peugeot 504 505 604


Similar item:

5035.05, AX6085


Alication:peugeot 204/304/404

            AX6085+CP(5035.05) automotive bearing,peugeot 404 bearing

              74X92X4mm Peugeot504-404/604 bearing kit M259.02

HOT  sale products

peugeot 206 repair kit and Peugeot 405 repair kit

74X92X4mm Peugeot504-404/604 bearing kit M259.02

74X92X4mm Peugeot504-404/604 bearing kit M259.02

Our Peugeot 106/206/306/207/405 repair kit bearing

KS559.00,KS559.01 KS559.02,KS559.03,KS559.04,KS559.05,KS559.06,KS559.07,KS559.08,

Peugeot 106,206,306,207,405 automobile repair kits.

74X92X4mm Peugeot504-404/604 bearing kit M259.02

Peugeot 405 bearing

DBF68933        ID50.205*OD58.233*WIDTH26.9mm

NE68934         ID50*OD70*WIDTH24.5mm

Peugeot 206 bearing

NE70214         ID47*OD53.098WIDTH25.5mm

DB70216         ID47*OD53.09*WIDTH19.5mm


Auto Bearing model series DB,NE,DBF

Peugeot 206 Bearings DB,NE,

Peugeot 405 Bearing,DB,NE.48, 5131.49, 5131.A6,5132.72, 5131.64,5132.55, 5132.49, 5131.45, 5132.65,


KIT040, KIT041,KIT042,


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