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Nanjing Manta New Material Co., Ltd.
China 4 month
Main Products: Silicone for Personal Care, Reactive Silicone Oil, Silicone Resin Film-forming Agent, Water Repellent, MS Polymer, Silicone Wax

Nanjing Manta New Material Co., Ltd.

China 4 month
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Nanjing Manta New Material Co., Ltd was founded in 2020 on the ideals of integrity and quality. As a reliable partner, Manta New Material knows the importance of quality products and customer satisfaction. We are committed to incorporating new technologies and materials. Manta New Material has dedicated itself on being the company you trust for your industry. Our company office is located in Nanjing and our manufacture site is located in Shandong and Hubei Province. We have professional technicians who can offer customized materials from our laboratories located in Hubei. All of our silicones and other chemical additives are made to provide you with technology solutions in different applications.

Our new versatile multifunctional silanes have been successfully used in adhesives, sealants(especially for new MS polymer or MS sealant/Hybrid sealant), coating, paint, fiberglass, cosmetics pigment treatment and pharmaceutical industries etc. Our own full line of MS Polymers are widely used in MS sealant formulation. We produce from polymer, capping agent, adhesion promoter to MS adhesive and sealant. Due to their excellent affects and environmental friendly, these products are used from the construction sector to various industrial and transportation applications, automotive, prefabricated building, etc.

Manta stands at the forefront of silicone ingredients market, providing a comprehensive range of high-quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced raw materials. From year of 2023, we introduce our new products line Organic Silicon Medicinal Excipients and Silicone For Personal Care.

You will find conventional and new functional silicone. Our product portfolio includes:

Functional additives :
Specialty silanes including Oligomeric Silanes, Isocyanato Silanes, Alkyl Silanes, Fluoro materials, Siloxane & Silazane, Reactive Silicone fluid
Water Repellents
Organic Silicon Medicinal Excipients,

High Performance Materials:
STP Polymer/hybrid resin/hybrid sealant

Silicone For Personal Care:
Silicone Elastomer Gel
Silicone Elastomer Emulsion/Suspension
Silicone Elastomer Powder
Silicone Resin Film-forming Agent
Silicone Emulsifier
Silicone Wax(Water Soluble Silicone Wax and Oil Soluble Silicone Wax)
Functional Silicone Fluid
Volatile Silicone Fluid
Compound Silicone Fluid and Silicone emulsion

Nowadays the upstream raw material competition is fierce, the downstream application expands unceasingly. It's the TIMES make us diversity! To expand our product portfolio, we are cooperating some high-quality suppliers who produce new type silicone products. This enable us can supply our customers with a package of silicone and downstream products.

All these open up a new dimension, and we hope Manta New Material will be the company for your next formula project.

Company Info

Business Type :
Manufacturer , Distributor/Wholesaler
Product Range :
Catalysts & Chemical Auxiliary Agents,Polymer,Surface Treatment Chemicals
Products/Service :
Silicone for Personal Care, Reactive Silicone Oil, Silicone Resin Film-forming Agent, Water Repellent, MS Polymer, Silicone Wax
Total Employees :
> 5~50
Capital (Million USS) :
Year Established :
Certificate :
ISO9001 , ISO14001 , MSDS , REACH , RoHS
Company Address :
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Website : Contact Now

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Nanjing Manta New Material Co., Ltd.
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