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4 year ago
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Achromat doublet lenses have significantly better optical performance than singlet lenses in visible imaging and laser beam manipulation applications.It consists of a positive low-index Crown Glass lens element cemented to a negative high-index Flint Glass lens element. The elements are chosen so as to cancel chromatic aberration at two well-separated wavelengths, usually in the blue and red region of the spectrum. Focal length is constant at those two wavelengths and focal length shifts are virtually eliminated across the visible wavelengths. One frequent use is to achieve diffraction limited focusing of a laser beam. Negative Achromat is typically used when there is a need to eliminate chromatic aberration. In addition to reducing chromatic aberration at the design wavelengths, spherical aberration and coma are greatly reduced. We always make our achromats as precise specifications and tolerances for uncompromising image quality upon customer's requirement.

China Star Optics can provide Positive Achromatic Lens and Negative Achromatic Lens by two piece single lens (Doublet) or three piece single lens (Triplet).

positive achromatic lens

            Positive achromatic lens

Specification of our achromatic lens as follow:
*Material:BK7,ZF2,ZF7(or according to your request)
*Center thickness tolerance:+/-0.1
*Surface quality: 60-40 Scrath/Dig
*Surface figure:0.5-0.2
*Centration < 3arc min
*Chamfer:0.1-0.25*45 degrees
*Design wavelength:486.1mm,587.6mm,656.3mm
(the parameter is dimension of normal lens,so specification will be changed according to different dimension and material) Contact Now

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