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2 year ago
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OEM Laser Distance Measurer Laser-Entfernungsmesser 120m

Laser distance measurer oem is a very convenient tool for various types of applications in industries, construction and house decoration. Laser distance meter is a very useful device which gives accurate measurement of distance, area and volume especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, infrastructures, gardens, roads, and many other applications requiring accurate results for distance , area and volume measurement.

Laser Distance Measurer Features:

1. Multifunctional, can measure distance, area and volume accurately, quickly and comfortably.
2. 120m long range, accuracy up to ± 2mm, accurate and efficient.
3. Can switch between meters (m), inches (inch), feet (feet), easy to read the measurement results.
4. The handheld design makes it easy to carry and lightweight.

5. High quality optical lens, accurate measurement,fast speed,low power consumption,long life.

Item Type: Rangefinder
Product Size: Approx. 120*53*39mm
Measuring Range: 0.03~120m
Measuring Accuracy: ±2mm
Continuous Measurement Function: Yes
Area Measurement Function: Yes
Volume Measurement Function: Yes
Plus and Minus Measurement Function: Yes
Minimum / Maximum: Yes
Maximum Storage Capacity: 20 units
Automatic Backlight: Yes
Button / Key Sound: Yes
Laser Grade 2
Laser Type: 635nm, <1mW
Automatically Cut off The Laser: 20 seconds
Automatic Power Off: 150s
Working Temperature: 0℃-40℃ (32℉-104℉)
Storage Temperature: -20℃-60℃ (-4℉-140℉)
Battery: 1.5V 2 x AAA (Not Included)
Battery Life: 8000 single measurements
Weight: Approx. 112g

High Accuracy
One bubble is on horizontal, another one is on vertical, lets you get more precise measuring data compared to one bubble, and get the job done quickly.

Quick measurement
High photosensitive holes and a large optical lens. During the measurement process, the light transmittance is increased by 50%, and the response time is 0.5s. It can better withstand strong light interference and can still be clearly read under external sunlight Compared with other laser measurement, it provides more stable and accurate measurement.
Multiple Measurement Features
Laser distance measuring tool provide three measuring reference rear/front/end piece allows you to project single distance/area/volume/pythagorean measurement
Mute setting
The mute setting allows you to turn on or off the measurement beep at will, making laser measure suitable for all types of quiet places, and suitable for quiet places such as libraries and classrooms without disturbing anyone.

Units Conversion

Unit switching freely from M/In/Ft improves your measurement effiiciency and allow you to measure for different needs.

20 Data Storage
20 Groups data memory ensure you to record accurate measurements, no need to take notes each time.

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Distance Measurement
There is no need to select a mode for linear measurement, and the laser tape measure can start measurement after turning on.
Area Measure
Measuring the length and width through laser meters in real time, laser rangefinder will automatically multiplying the two values to the area of a square or rectangular room or space.
Volume Measure
It can save you valuable time. Quicker and more convenient to measure length, width and height distance by pressing the button. Just need 0.2s to get a quick volume result.
Pythagorean Measure
The third side distance result is automatically calculated by the other two side distance measurements with high accuracy and efficiency under the pythagorean a²+b²=c².

Laser Distance Measurer Outdoor

Best Laser Meter

The laser measure is ideal for measuring areas or objects including rooms, apartments, buildings, factories, garage, floor, etc. Whether you are a home handyman, decoration designer, construction worker, DIY homeowner, craftsman, or other professionals, it's a great helper and choice to make measurement.

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Package Contents:
1 x JRTMFG Laser Measure
1 x User Manual
1 x Portable Bag
1 x Hand Strap

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