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3 year ago
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Product details

 Main Features 1.Ultrasonic cleaning.Ultrasonic cleaning of deep pores in pores 2 Positive ions lead to dirt, negative ions are introduced into nutrition. 3. EMS micro-current stimulation, rejuvenating skin. Package Content: 1 x inFace Ultrasonic Ion Cleansing Instrument 1 x type-C Charging cable 1 x Chinese/English User Manual

Step 1 : Cleansing Ultrasonic Cleansing Mode ( PEELING ) (use with facial cleanser / face wash )
1. Wet face with warm water and use facial cleanser / face wash to make foam .
2. Press long the button to power on , default is the PEELING mode .
3. Keep the shovel face inward , the shovel head downward and close to the skin . Move the shovel head slowly against the
direction of the pores for 3 minutes .
Step 2 : Deep Cleansing Positive Ion Export Mode ( ION+ ) ( use with toner / lotion )
1. Apply proper toner/lotion to your face .
2. Press short the button to select ION+ mode . Keep the shovel face inward , the shovel head upward and close to the skin. Move the shovel head slowly against the direction of the pores to deep clean your skin for 3 minutes , then rinse off your face with warm water .
Step 3 : Nutrition Introduction Negative Ion Introduction Mode ( ION- ) ( use with essence / emulsion / masks )
1. Apply proper essence/emulsion to your face .
2. Select ION- mode .
3. Keep the shovel face outward , the shovel head upward and close to the skin . Move the shovel head slowly follow the direction of the pores to massage for 3 minutes .

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Product Name Inface Ion Skin Purifier
Product Model MS7100
Product Size 172*42*15mm
Product Weight 85g
Battery capacity 3.7V/500mAh
Recharging Current 300mA
Rated Power 1.5W
Charging time 2 Hours
Stand-by current 30uA
Material ABS & Stainless Steel
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