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3 year ago
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How much water is used for the wet compress?


Dosage of wet compress: It is moist and does not drip. Squeeze the water out slightly, which is the best wetness.


Wet application time: When the cotton/paper film is still wet for 6 minutes, you should pick it up and apply it to other parts. The specific time depends on the consistency. Within 5 minutes of the water quality, the viscosity should not exceed 10 minutes.


A thin cotton pad is generally recommended. Most of the thin cotton pads are made of non-woven fabrics. This material is rough to the touch. If it touches the skin directly, the skin will feel uncomfortable. It is not suitable for wiping skin care products such as lotion or makeup.


However, it is very suitable for wet compresses. The cotton pad is placed on the face statically during wet compresses, and there is no need to rub the skin, thus avoiding the damage caused by friction. At the same time, because the thickness is relatively thin, it saves more water when used for wet compress.

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