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Peristaltic Pump BG600FJ-S transfer water

2 year ago
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Product details

High Flow Filling Peristaltic Liquid Dosing Pump

The High Flow filling peristaltic liquid dosing pump is a digital LED display industry large flow pump with a max flow rate of 12000ml/min in the speed of 600 rpm.

This high flow peristaltic pump usually install with the YZ35 and YZ35-13 pump heads,YZ35 is the pump head with Aluminum material,YZ35-13 is the pump head with the PPS material.

Pump works with 73# 82# tubes,with a wall thickness 3.3mm.

Customers can choose the pump head and tube according to their actual needed.

As a large transfer pump,the BG600FJ-S/YZ35-13 is undoubtedly the first choice for industrial application.

4-digit LED displays the current speed or flow rate, setting the filling volume,filling time and interval time. Easy operation with the rotatory knob to control.

Stainless steel shell has the corrosion resistance,dural usage with a long life.

This industrial dispensing pump is widely used for the large volume bottles filling,high viscous liquid filling, etc.

industrial peristaltic pump



Speed resolution


Flow rate



4-LED display

Speed control model

Rotary encoded switch control speed

Power supply

AC220V±10%(standard) or AC110V±10%(optional)

External control

Start & stop, direction control, speed control( 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA optional )

Communication interface

RS232 and RS485, support MODBUS protocol mode

Foot pedal


Peristaltic Metering Pump Features:

1, Easy operate only need to power on, then you can use it 

2, Easy load pump head, you can install and change the tube fast. 

3, If you want to change the flow, only need to rotate the control knob on the panel. 

4, Easy to control the direction by the switch on the panel 

5, 4-Led display the current speed and work status 

6, Support Multiple channels work, Which can meet your application to transfer several liquids at the same time.

Small Peristaltic Pump 

Product Description

Peristaltic pump application
Model: BG600FJ-S/YZ35-13
Speed range: 0.1-600 rpm Max Flow : 1.3-12000 ml/min Max Number of Channel: 2 Power supply: AC110V or AC220V Basic type liquid constant peristaltic pump with Flow reversible 304sss housing prolong pump life time. Good electromagnetic compatibility, ensure stable and reliable operation CE certified product based on request.
Peristaltic pump application

Application 1

Industry : Packing machinery supporting
Model : BG600FJ-S/YZ35-13
Liquid : Seafood sauce
Function : Filling
Speed : 100 ml /time 60 times per min per pump
Tube : silicon tube 82#
External control : start/stop
Peristaltic pump application

Application 2

Industry : Cosmetic Production line Model : BG600FJ-S/YZ35-13 Liquid : cosmetic Function : Filling Speed : 80 ml /time 60 times per min per pump Tube : silicon tube 73# External control : start/stop
Peristaltic pump application

Peristaltic pump application for mining additive feeding

mining with BG600FJ-S/YZ35(ALUM)
Peristaltic pump application

Peristaltic pump application for Ultrasonic Disperser

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