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Wristlet Keychain

3 year ago
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Product details

Can you make Custom Keychains?

We are a manufacturer specializing in Keychain OEM, we can customize a variety of Keychains with different materials, different processes, different accessories, different sizes or lengths
1. Material: Metal, Acrylic, Silicone, Fabric, Nylon, Polyester, Rubber, PVC, etc.
2. Custom craftsmanship: Silk Screen, Sublimation, Jacquard, Embroidery.
3. Accessories: We have a complete range of accessories, such as Snap Hook, Carabiner and Olecranon Hook, etc. The colors are not single, and Pantone colors can be customized.
4. Size: Each Keychain can be customized in size or shape according to customer's design

Pvc Keychains

The material of the Pvc Keychain Custom is PVC, so it is called a Soft Pvc Keychain. Use this Keychain with your keys not only for your convenience but also for your style. Because the Key is too small, it is easy to lose. It is not easy to lose when it is hung with a larger Pvc Rubber Keychain. Custom Pvc Keychain is a popular and popular style among Keychains. It can not only be used as a DIY Keychain, but also can be hung on bags as decorations. Since the Pvc Keychains is folded on both sides, it can also be used as a wrist strap. The material is soft and does not hurt the hands. It is a versatile fashion item and is also very popular in the European and American markets.

PVC Keychain

Product name: PVC Strap Keychain

Size: 15*3.5cm/15*2.5cm/12*2.5cm/customized size

Color:Clear or Black

Logo: Customized logo

PVC Keychain Ring

PVC Keychains are available in black and transparent, which can be customized with different logos.

Pvc Keychains

The strap of the Customised Keychain can be black or transparent. If you have other colors you like, you can also contact our salesman to see if it can be customized.

Olecranon Hook

Our pvc Custom Keychain can choose black and white leather, and other colors of leather can also be customized, humbuckers and keyrings can also choose your favorite color and style.

Key Ring

Choose your favorite color and style to customize your favorite Keychain, our keychain can let you walk in the forefront of fashion! Contact Now

If you are interested in the product, contact for more information

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