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UL1-02 Grey

3 year ago
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Product details

The human body cannot maintain a sedentary state all the time. When it is made from a chair, many people would rather sit rather than stand. The human body also needs to exercise constantly. Sitting people as a whole face many health risks, including the risk of diabetes, heart disease and poor blood circulation. An electric standing desk can help you avoid all this and more. Habits are developed slowly. Develop the habit of standing up every day. Start with at least 30-60 minutes of foot exercise every day and add a step-by-step time to get used to sit stand desk. After using the height adjustable table for a period of time, you will feel that your metabolism has become faster. This is a very good signal. Keep using the stand up desk to make your body healthier.

Product Parameter

Number of motors 
Single motor

Height range

Desktop Material
Particle board
Desktop size
1200*600*15 mm
Max load capacity
 ≤ 50db
Frame color
Black White Grey
Frame material
Input Voltage
AC 110V-220V
Motor warranty
5 years
Package size


Product Display

Sit Stand DeskStand Up Sit Down DeskSit Stand Desk

This standing desk is designed with a single motor, which is very suitable for e-commerce sales, and is also a popular model of Amazon. This single motor standing desk is available for customers to choose from in separate shelf packaging and splicing panel packaging.

The color of ergonomic standing desk frame: black, white, gray, and can be customized; it can be matched with different color panels, reflecting the modern design of the product.

Electric Sit Stand Desk

Adjustable Laptop Desk

Single motor standing desk system is integrated control system, can choose UH6 or UH7,

Both UH6 and UH7 hand controllers are equipped.

Standing Desk


Outer packing

The outer layer is shockproof / moisture imitation paper layer packaging, thickened five layers of corrugated paper, etc. to protect your furniture in the whole process and ensure the safety of products in transportation

Inner packing

The inner layer is anticollision, thickening, laminating, foam package, strong and wear-resistant, not easy to deform, to ensure the safety of goods in transit.

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