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3 year ago
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Product details

                 Filmbase                                                    Filmbase® Smart Glass films

filmbase  New Material Co., Ltd has been manufacturing PDLC smart glass and smart film for more than 10 years. As pioneers in PDLC smart glass technology, our custom-built switchable smart glass and film have been sold to over 70 countries –in hotels, offices, hospitals, healthcare, homes, skyscrapers, showrooms, storefronts, and more.

We pride ourselves in our professional ability to provide our clients with the most value for their dollar.            FILMBASE  PDLC Smart Film  AND   PDLC Smart Glass

Smart Glass is a laminated glass that comprises of PDLC (liquid crystal) film. The glass is sandwiched between two glass layers and two conductive interlayers with liquid crystals. Allowing you to frequently change the appearance of glass from clear to opaque and vice-versa with the switch of a button, the film is intelligently utilised in smart glass. These Smart glasses are perfectly suitable to be installed in commercial, residential, healthcare, retail store front, bathrooms, restaurant meetinroom and ect.

Projection function:
When the smart glass power is off, control the ambient light and project it through a projector can make the smart glass display clear image, and combined with the infrared touch frame to form a large-sized "tablet computer" (can be made up to 130 inches). Created a new field of projection. Suitable for meeting, science and education configuration.


SwitchablePdlc Film Glass Meeting RoomSmart GlassPdlc Films

 Viewing angle
> 150º
Active life
More than 80000 hours with power on
Standard type, shutter type, hollow, pattern, fireproof, arc, special-shaped Contact Now

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