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Hexagon Marble Tiles

8 month ago
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Carrara White Hexagonal Marble Glossy Mosaic Wall Tiles Infomation:

Marble mosaic is a beautiful natural stone painting that people use art to conceive and replace marble with marble stone. It is mainly made up of the natural unique color, texture and material of natural marble stone, combined with clever artistic conception and design. Due to the rich and varied layout effect of natural marble, and the fine texture of the marble, the hardness is moderate, which is very suitable for the processing of marble mosaic. From Marble Mosaic.

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What are the advantages of the marble mosaic?

1.Rich pattern of the marble mosaic surface, it can make people feel more neat and bright.
2.Marble mosaic is not limited to some gorgeous colors.
3.The marble is hard and durable, it has a very long service life.
4.Can create a unique decoration style for youself.
With above advantage, our marble mosaic can be used in any places. Building extertior, fountains, swimming pools, bars, bathrooms, living rooms and parks, etc.

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Therefore, marble mosaic is practical not only strong, and also can have the effect that decorates the house such as the sitting room.If you like, please contact us for more details. Mosaic has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, which can be matched as you like. You can also look at the store's other collections in different styles. 
Blue Bird wants every customer to enjoy our professional, sincere and circumspect service.
Thank you for choosing us! 

About our company:

Gong Loon Industries Limited was established in 1986 . We are manufacturing the quality glass products, e.g. glass mosaic tiles and container of glass for different pattern of industries. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with factory in Jiengmen, China. Our factory plants around 36000 sq. meters and around 400 employees. In 1998, we launched the private brand: HK Pearl to entry the oversea markets, up to now, We have been shipping glass products worldwide for 20 years to over 70 countries, especially in U.S.A, Europe and Asia Pacific. As a manufacturer of glass products in the world. High quality, competitive price and after sales services are essential elements. Contact Now

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Gong Loon Jadeite Manufacture Co.,Ltd
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