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Household stainless steel single handle cooking pot

2 year ago
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Product details
         The company specializes in the production of stainless steel kitchenware over the years, has a sound production equipment and scientific management system, meticulous process, products are after strict quality control, to ensure that all factory products are in line with standards. Our main products include GN Container, Stainless Steel Pots Accessories, Stainless Steel Stock Pot, Stainless Steel Cookware, Serving Trolley, Trolley, etc. We have a strong production capacity, the factory covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, nearly 30 production lines, product series as many as more than 100 kinds, can be on time, intact to your hands.
        Our stainless steel cookware is widely used in hotels, restaurants, homes and so on. Food-grade stainless steel for durability. Sinking stainless steel cover has good splash resistance and is not easy to crack. Smooth bottom, fast heat conduction, uniform heating, induction cooker, gas stove can be used. A variety of specifications to support custom.
        Additional specifications are shown in the following table:

Standard sizes(mm)
Bottom thickness(mm)
Barrel body(mm)
140*H90 1 4.0 0.8
160*H100 2 4.0 0.8
180*H115 3 4.0 0.8

Product Description

     1. Adopt the structure of vertical high body and round bottom, the pot type is fuller, the capacity is larger, and the modern gas stove is highly matched.
     2. Adopting food-grade materials with the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and effectively maintaining the freshness of food

     3. Cauldron seamless welding handle lug design, effective heat insulation, easy to take.


Detailed Description

1. Multiple specifications and uses are available:
Can be selected according to the needs of different specifications, the use of milk can be boiled, boiled sauce and so on.
2. Thickened stainless steel:
The products made of thickened stainless steel are not easy to scratch by the edge edging process.
3. Hollow anti-scalding handle:
Thickening and lengthening the handle is more anti-scalding and heat insulation, and the design is more smooth and smooth.
4. Support customization:
Factory supply, can be customized according to demand
stainless saucepan

clad saucepan

         We are a production, processing, distribution and wholesale of private enterprises, over the years specializing in the production of various stainless steel kitchenware, trustworthy quality. The company with sincere attitude, excellent equipment, quality as the core, intimate service sincerely to provide you with the best products and services. Contact Now

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JiangMen Jushu kitchenware co.,ltd
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