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Bomb Changing 2ml Long Strip Vape A07 30S

3 month ago
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Product details

Changing Electronic Atomizer

The changing electronic atomizer is 2ml long strip super oil pod, small and light, it can be easy carried in your hand or in your pocket, pure colors shell, simple and generous, have a full sense of fashion, soft and smooth taste, let you experience the pure enjoyment.

Rechargeable Electronic Oiling Vaping11

Product Spcification: 

Dimensions:  111.7*21.5*11.8mm Material: Aluminum alloy
Oil volume: 2ml Resistance: 0.9Ω
Charging port:  Type-C Battery Capacity 500mAh
Number of puffs: about 3000 puffs Finishing: Anodizing
Weight: 22.5g Charging Time: 45-60 minutes

Rechargeable Electronic Oiling Vaping12

Exquisite Craft,Delicate Feel 

Soft and smooth taste,let you experience the pure enjoyment of  smell and taste.

Double color mold shell,cool fashion modeling,so that you have a full sense of fashion.

Specific Instructions

The current battery light is on when smoking LED turns off gradually when not smoking;

When the power is above 3.8V, the green light is on; When the battery is above 3.68, the blue light is on; When the battery is below 3.68, the red light is on;

Smoking overtime, take a puffs for more than 8 seconds, the atomizer stops working and the green light flashes five times;

Voltage detection, when the load output detective voltage is lower than 3.2V, the atomizer will not work and the red light will flash 10 times;

Short circuit protection, smoking is not allowed if the atomizer is short-circuited, and the red light flashes 3 times.

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