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Tea bag packing and boxing .mp4

3 year ago
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Product details

Brief Introduction: 

The high-speed automatic tea bag packing machine is a mechatronics packaging machine, suitable for pharmaceutical, health care, food and other industries. It can pack 20 mesh to 100 mesh or bulk non-sticky granular materials into the bag, such as black tea, green tea, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. Realize the functions of quantitative cutting, cotton thread and self-adhesive label, bag sealing, automatic counting, etc. This Tea Bag Packaging Machine has no enveloping function, but improved counting, tea bag grouping into carton device. These packaged small tea bags are packed into boxes with the specified quantity by Carton Box Packer.


This automatic tea packing machine will pack naked tea bag with string/tag in one machines. No envelop functions

Output grouped tea bag into paper box.

The electrical part famous brand, such as Omron.

APPLICATIONAutomatic tea packing machine is suitable for tea. Such as bulk tea, herbal tea, health tea, flower tea and other inner and outer bags are disposable packaging. This machine can also be customized as coffee Packing Machine and sugar Packing Machine, etc.

tea bag packing machine price

Small Tea Packing Machine Detailed description

tea bag filler

Single chamber tea bags

automatic tea packing machine

Tea Bag Machine Technical Parameters




6 cm³

Size of tea bag (L×W)

62.5mm×50 mm

Packing in boxes

a) 25 / 50 / 100 b) 30 / 60 c) 20 / 40

Width of filter paper


Tag dimensions

28mm ×24mm

Thread length


Voltage AC


Total power

1.5 KW

Overall dimension

1.700m ×0.900m × 2.000m

Carton dimensions

1.220m × 1.140m×1.967m

Net /gross weight 

640 KG/ 800KG


1) Stirrer 2) Heat sealable tag device 3) Pneumatic vacuum feeder 4) Modification cutter tool Contact Now

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