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PSA Oxygen Plant Containerized

3 year ago
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PSA Oxygen generator Gas Manifold System 

The technical characteristics:
1. The operation is simple, fully automatic, and unmanned operation can be realized. 
2. It has high performance, can reduce capital investment, and has a long service life. 
3. Perfect process design and innovative technology. 
4. Special molecular sieve protection equipment, prolong the service life of molecular sieves. 
5. The automatic interlock oxygen emptying equipment ensures the oxygen quality of products. 

6. Optional oxygen flow, purity automatic adjustment system. 

This process uses molecular sieves with capillary pores as adsorbents, and utilizes the difference in diffusion rate of oxygen molecule O2 and nitrogen molecule N2 in molecular sieve. Nitrogen and CO2 molecules in the air are absorbed into the pores, while most of the oxygen molecules O2 flow through the capillary pores into the oxygen collecting and storing tank in the later stage to be enriched. Molecular sieve has the characteristics of adding air pressure adsorption capacity increasing, and reducing air pressure adsorption capacity reducing, using this characteristic, the pressure swing adsorption method can be used to carry out continuous and uninterrupted oxygen and nitrogen separation. So as to achieve the preparation of 35%-95% purity room temperature oxygen. The PSA oxygen generator adopts a dual-tower parallel design. When tower A reaches saturation, it will switch to tower B for oxygen production through pressure equalization and other processes. At this time, tower A is vented and purged and regenerated, waiting for the next cycle of the oxygen generator; thus, double-tower alternate oxygen production is realized. In the latter stage of the oxygen collection process tank, high-purity continuous supply of oxygen is obtained, and finally the pressure is stabilized by adjusting the pressure and then transported to the gas point through the pipeline.

The main products of ROC: SMT Cleaning Machine, PSA oxygen / nitrogen generator, wafer cleaning equipment, PCBA Cleaning Machine, PCB Separator, SMT Spare Parts, Reflow / Wave Soldering Machine, SMT Nozzle, SMT Feeder etc. If there is any need, please contact us.  

Technical indicators
Oxygen production: 5 ~ 1000Nm3/h
Purity of oxygen: 93%±2% or 96%
Oxygen pressure: ≤3 bar(Adjustable)
Dew point: ≤-40ºC(Adjustable)

Model O2 Cpacity(Nm3/h) Purity
HO2005 5 93%±2% or 96%
HO2010 10 93%±2% or 96%
HO2020 20 93%±2% or 96%
HO2040 40 93%±2% or 96%
HO2050 50 93%±2% or 96%
HO2080 80 93%±2% or 96%
HO2100 100 93%±2% or 96%
HO2150 150 93%±2% or 96%
HO2200 200 93%±2% or 96%

Custom Brand Gas Generation Equipment Psa Oxygen Generator Gas Manifold System

Technical characteristics
⊙ The equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost, strong adaptability, fast gas production and easy adjustment of purity.
⊙ Perfect process design and best use effect;
⊙ Modular design is designed to save land area.
⊙ The operation is simple, the performance is stable, the automation level is high, and it can be realized without operation.
⊙ Reasonable internal components, uniform air distribution, and reduce the high speed impact of airflow;
⊙ Special carbon molecular sieve protection measures to extend the life of carbon molecular sieve.
⊙ The key components of famous brands are the effective guarantee of equipment quality.
⊙ The automatic emptying device of national patent technology guarantees the nitrogen quality of finished products.
⊙ It has many functions of fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic processing.

⊙ Optional touch screen display, dew point detection, energy saving control, DCS communication and so on.

Oxygen Manufacturing Process

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