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Psa Nitrogen Generator

2 year ago
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Product details

Energy-saving Psa Nitrogen Gas Generator

We can provide Generator brand、type, and Nitrogen purity、 capacity services.

PSA Nitrogen Generator System, Nitrogen purity: 95%-99.999%, used worldwide. Food packing, Food storing, Electric & Electronic industry, Petro-gas & Oil field, Chemicals & Petro-chemicals, Coal-mine, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, SMT, Fire-resistance, lab, Air diving, and so on. 

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● Fast start-up, qualified Nitrogen can be provided within 15-30 minutes;
● The equipment is fully automatic, and the whole process can be unattended;
● Efficient molecular sieve packing, tighter, more solid, and longer service life;
● The pressure, purity, and flow are stable and adjustable to meet the different needs of customers;
● Reasonable structure, safety and stability, low energy consumption;

Technical indicators

Nitrogen capacity: 1- 2000Nm3/h
Nitrogen purity: 95%-99.999%
Nitrogen pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa( boost for high pressure
Nitrogen dew point: s-40.C(Atmosphere pressure)
Customized pressure, purity and capacity ranges.

High Purity 99.999% Nitrogen

Psa Nitrogen Generator Model List

Technical characteristics
1.The material source is from the nature, the system only needs compressed air and power, so the cost of power and operation is less
2. Nitrogen purity is easy to adjust, it is only affected by the capacity, purity of normal nitrogen is at the range of 95%-99.99%(can be adjusted), purity of high nitrogen is at the range of 99%-99.999%(can be adjusted)
3. The system is automatic, quick starting and no need to monitor. One button for start and stop, run 10-15 minutes to generate the N2 air
4. The working progress is easy, the configuration is compact, the landing space is less and the environment is well-adapted
5. Snow storm filling can avoid the damage of CMs
6. Digital flow meter has pressure compensation, it is highly precise meter which can monitor the progress, it can test quick flow and accumulate the total capacity

Psa Nitrogen Generator

Send Inquiry Please bring the following description, we have more models to recommend to you ~! Thank you~!

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 Purity  _________%
 Outlet Pressure _________Mpa or Bar
Power  ________V/HZ
Psa Nitrogen Generator

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