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PSA Oxygen Plant Open Type

3 year ago
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Product details

Product Description:

The pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator can produce oxygen on site by itself, and the high-flow foreign gas meets the purity requirements. The kunPeng Medical Oxygen Plant is an ideal choice for the medical industry. The oxygen generator is very suitable for the following applications: - Ozone production - Waste water treatment - Healthcare - Glass Industry - Other Applications.

Medical Oxygen Gas Generation Plant

Installation Conditions of Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator
Generally speaking, all the equipment in the PSA Oxygen Generator System does not need a foundation, and a flat and clean indoor ground is sufficient. But for large air compressors, compressed air drying equipment, etc., if the equipment has basic requirements, it needs to be the foundation. At the same time, in order to facilitate equipment maintenance and cleaning, it is best to build a platform 10cm above the ground on the ground of the air compressor, drying equipment, oxygen generator, and oxygen purification device.

Gas Oxygen Generator

PSA Oxygen Generator Characteristics
PSA Medical Oxygen Generator Advanced principle: using zeolite molecular sieve, pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA)
1:Low cost of oxygen production: low power consumption
2:Easy to use: Oxygen is produced when plugged in, easy to operate
3:Safe and reliable: the whole set of gas circuits are controlled by low-pressure system program Contact Now

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