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3 year ago
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How to use the oxygen concentrator?

1. Install the main unit on the floor or on the wall of the hanger, and install the gas collection filter outdoors.
2. Nail the oxygen supply plate on the wall or support as needed, and then hang the oxygen device supply.
3. Use an oxygen tube to connect the oxygen outlet port of the oxygen supplier, and connect the 12V power cord of the oxygen supplier to the 12V power cord of the host. If multiple oxygen suppliers are connected in series, just add a three-way connector and fix the pipe with a wire buckle.
Frame Style Psa Oxygen Generator 2
4. Insert the 220V power cord of the host into the wall socket, and the red light of the oxygen supply (PSA Oxygen Plant)will be on.
5. Please add pure water to the humidification cup to the designated position. Then put it on the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply.
Please put the oxygen tube on the oxygen outlet of the humidification cup.
Frame Style Psa Oxygen Generator 4 Jpg
7. Press the start button of the PSA Oxygen Generator System, the green indicator light is on, and the oxygen generator starts to work.
8. According to the doctor's advice, adjust the flow to the desired position.
9. Hang the nasal cannula or wear a mask to inhale oxygen according to the oxygen mask or nasal suction tube packaging instructions.

Psa Oxygen Genarator Flow Chart

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