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PSA Oxygen Plant Installation

3 year ago
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Best Price PSA Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator for Sale

For buying PSA Oxygen Plant, in addition to considering the brand, model, and price, after-sales, you also need to consider PSA Oxygen Plant Type , it has three type, open type, skid-mounted type and containernized type. Open type needs to be installed after receipt. But skid-mounted type and containernized type have been installed before delivery, and easy to move, so these are more suitable for foreigncustomers who need small-capacity oxygen plant ( 3NM3/H, 5NM3/H, 10NM3/H, 20NM3/H, 30NM3/H, 40NM3/H.... )In addition to considering the brand, model, and price, you also need to consider

The main products of ROC: SMT Cleaning Machine, PSA oxygen / nitrogen generator, wafer cleaning equipment, PCBA Cleaning Machine, PCB Separator, SMT Spare Parts, Reflow / Wave Soldering Machine, SMT Nozzle, SMT Feeder etc. If there is any need, please contact us.  

Technical indicators
Oxygen production: 5 ~ 1000Nm3/h
Purity of oxygen: 93%±2%
Oxygen pressure: ≤3 bar(Adjustable)
Dew point: ≤-40ºC(Adjustable)

Model O2 Cpacity(Nm3/h) Purity
HO2005 5 93%±2%
HO2010 10 93%±2%
HO2020 20 93%±2%
HO2040 40 93%±2%
HO2050 50 93%±2%
HO2080 80 93%±2%
HO2100 100 93%±2%
HO2150 150 93%±2%
HO2200 200 93%±2%

Project Cost Of Oxygen PlantMedical Oxygen Plant Business Plan

Technical characteristics
⊙ The equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost, strong adaptability, fast gas production and easy adjustment of purity.
⊙ Perfect process design and best use effect;
⊙ Modular design is designed to save land area.
⊙ The operation is simple, the performance is stable, the automation level is high, and it can be realized without operation.
⊙ Reasonable internal components, uniform air distribution, and reduce the high speed impact of airflow;
⊙ Special carbon molecular sieve protection measures to extend the life of carbon molecular sieve.
⊙ The key components of famous brands are the effective guarantee of equipment quality.
⊙ The automatic emptying device of national patent technology guarantees the nitrogen quality of finished products.
⊙ It has many functions of fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic processing.

⊙ Optional touch screen display, dew point detection, energy saving control, DCS communication and so on.

Medical Oxygen Generators

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 Purity  _________%
 Outlet Pressure _________Mpa or Bar
Power  ________V/HZ
How To Plants Make Oxygen

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