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PSA Oxygen Plant Installation

2 year ago
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Application Fields:

Oxygen Generation Plant can use in many application fields,Oxygen production, aeration, and dissolved oxygen are used in large-scale factories and aquaculture, and are used in conjunction with large-scale ozone machines to disinfect, sterilize, and remove algae for aquaculture ponds.
Can also be used for:
(1) Electric furnace steelmaking: decarburization, oxygen combustion heating, foam slag melting, metallurgical control and subsequent heating.
(2) Wastewater treatment: oxygen-enriched aeration of activated sludge, pool aeration and ozone sterilization.
(3) Field cutting construction: Oxygen-enriched for cutting steel pipes and steel plates in the field, mobile or small oxygen generators can meet the requirements.

Psa Oxygengenerator
(4) Sewage treatment, non-ferrous metal smelting: Oxygen-enriched is needed to smelt steel, zinc, nickel, lead, etc., and the PSA Oxygen Generator System method is gradually replacing the cryogenic method.
(5) Glass melting: Oxygen supports combustion and dissolution, cutting, increases glass output, and prolongs the life of the furnace.
(6) Pulp bleaching and papermaking: chlorine bleaching is converted to oxygen-enriched bleaching to provide cheap oxygen.
(7) Ore treatment: used in gold and other production processes to increase the extraction rate of precious metals.

Box Type O2
(8) For fermentation: Fudai replaces air to provide oxygen for aerobic fermentation, which can greatly improve efficiency
(9) Drinking water: provide oxygen to the ozone generator, and produce oxygen for sterilization.
(10) Oxygen Device used in petrochemical and chemical industry: Oxygen reaction in the process of petroleum and chemical industry uses rich oxygen instead of air for oxidation reaction, which can increase the reaction speed and the output of chemical products.
Delegate Of Oxygen Generator

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