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Rotary Packing Machine For Powder

3 year ago
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Product details

Brief Introduction: 

8 stations rotary packing machine can be equipped with powder auger elevator or powder vacuum conveyor. This equipment is specialized in powder, such as milk power, grape sugar, washing powder, chemistry condiment, refined sugar, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.


1. The powder packaging system consists of a rotary packaging machine, a screw scale and a screw elevator.

2. Use high-quality accessories to keep the machine stable.

3. It adopts color touch-screen display for simple operation.

4. This machine uses prefabricated bags with perfect patterns, good sealing quality and low packaging loss.


Power : milk power, grape sugar, washing powder, chemistry condiment, refined sugar, pesticide, fertilizer, etc. So this machine can also be designed as masala packing machine and coffee powder packing machine, etc.

Rotary bag packing machine

Sample bag type:

 rotary standup bag packaging machine

8 stations rotary packing machine+Screw conveyer +Auger filler

Rotary bag packing machine

Location function and operation flow chart

rotary packing machine

Technical Parameters



Packaging Materials

Self-reliance bags, handbags, zipper bags, four sealed bags, paper bags and other composite bags

Package Size

Width: 70-260mm

Filling range


Packaging speed

35-60 packets / min (the speed determined by the product itself and the amount of filling)

Metering average accuracy

≤ ± 1

Total power

2.8kw Contact Now

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