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3 year ago
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Introduction of Commerical shrimp peeling machine for sale:

The processing system consists of several stand-alone machines with unique functions, and is mainly used for large-scale dehulling processing of the original headless shrimp. After cleaning, separation, impurity removal, inspection and other technological processes, the final product after processing is shrimp.
Advantage description
The average speed of the automatic shrimp shelling production line is 30 times that of manual work, and the efficiency of shrimp peeling is high;
Better machine dehulling effect and higher meat harvesting rate.
Lower machine shelling replaces a large number of workers, reducing labor costs; machine shelling occupies a smaller area of the processing workshop, making the construction and operation costs lower;
Safer machine processing reduces the number of contact between people and food, and shortens the processing time of shrimp, which is more conducive to shrimp preservation and food safety;

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shrimp peeling machine 2

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Customer Cases:

shrimp peeling machine 5

After this shrimp peeling machine, you can use the meat grinder machine, meat bowl cutter and meatball machine to make shrimp meatball. Please contact me for details:

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