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4 year ago
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Introduction for Multifunction Grain Herbal Grinding Coffee Grinder:

1. This machine uses the relative movement of the movable and fixed teeth, so that the materials were crushed in the grinding chamber, through the relative movement between static and dynamic teeth, collision, percussion, friction, and materials between collision, percussion and friction and then crushed, the materials fall into the collection bucket beneath the grinding chamber or the bag.

2. This herbal grinding machine is made of full 304 stainless steel; it is widely used for grinding peanuts, almonds, sugar, spices, herbs, food, chemical industry etc. The operation is very simple. You can adjust the different sizes of screens, we have 10-120mesh.

3. We also have the cooling type multifunction grain grinding mill, which can keep the machine in low temperature during working process.

We also manufacturing the Colloid Mill; Fruit Vegetable Processing Machines; Milk Processing Machines; Nuts Processing Machines, Meat Processing Machines etc.

Technical Parameters of Grinding Machine:

Model Voltage Power Capacity Dimension Weight
GMS-MF180 220/380v 2.2kw 30-120kg/h 480*530*1040mm 75kg
GMS-MF250 220/380v 5.5kw 50-200kg/h 750*600*1260mm 180kg
380v 7.5kw 100-300kg/h 780*800*1350mm 260kg
GMS-MF350 380v 11kw 200-500kg/h 800*900*1550mm 320kg
grinding machine

grinding machine

grinding machine

Processing Effect of Automatic Grinding Machine:

grinding machine

We also have the small grinding machine:

small grinding machine Contact Now

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